dbn Lighting Limited – Event Lighting Specialists

dbn Lighting is an event lighting company based in central Manchester in the United Kingdom.

We offer bespoke, high quality lighting and rigging design and hire/ rental services for the professional live events industry, primarily in the corporate, conference, exhibition, club/ party, rock & roll, outdoor event and theatre sectors.

Latest News

May 30, 2012

Even more ClayPaky Alpha range lights arrive at dbn

We have just taken delivery of some brand new moving lights – yet more ClayPaky Alpha Range fixtures.  This time they’re QWO800s to complement our stocks of 300, 575, 700, and 1200 fixtures – and we love them already.  As well as having the longest, most unwieldy name of any moving light currently on the […]

May 18, 2012

We’ve built a crane – out of truss.

Nick Todd designed a truss mother grid to support 25 massive verticle wooden poles installed into the Whitworth Art Gallery South Gallery space for Pascale Marthine Tayou’s installation that forms part of the forthcoming “We Face Forward” season of contemporary African art.  He also devised and built a special ‘crane’ made from slick minibeam trussing […]

April 16, 2012

Passionate Rigging from dbn

  dbn provided the rigging skills and equipment to erect three 9m high crucifixes live, as part of the BBC’s Easter ‘Preston Passion’ show.  Nick Todd and James Collingwood worked with Walk The Plank to bring the Crucifixion to life on the roof of a Preston Car Park.  They designed a system based on Slick […]

Latest News

dbn has taken the plunge into the world of digital moving lights with the purchase of Robe Digispot 3000s. We were impressed with these fixtures when we first saw them, but now we’ve used them on live events we’re absolutely blown away!