Chroma-Q LEDs

Chroma Lighting

We love the Chroma-Q LED range of fixtures – The Color Block DB4 LED units are bright, produce great consistent colour and can be split up and combined into whatever configuration is required to fit any application.

As well as being great made up into battens they are perfect for evenly uplighting curved sections of set; fitting inside truss as toners – in fact all sorts of places. The same unit can be used in a massive number of applications on the same show, making it supremely versatile and providing a consistent look and control system throughout.

The new Color Split units are a development of the Color Blocks producing the most cyc-like transmission of any LED fixture available so far. They also have an even richer, brighter output and with the addition of amber LEDs controlled using the brilliantly simple ‘Magic Amber’ system the pallette is warmer and broader.

Both units are really well designed and built, well supported by the manufacturer, hardwearing and relaible too.

We’ve got lots of them and we love them!