Jands Vista Range

Jands Sound Desk

We love the Jands Vista range of lighting consoles because they make it quicker and easier to create a better show. The programming is incredibly intuitive and easy to master and because you can see everything that’s going on graphically, it’s a piece of cake to adjust timings and create complex split time fades in a matter of seconds. Cutting, copying, pasting, undo and redo, borrowed from the familiar world of computers, help make trying looks and complex fades equally simple, and stuff you like can be applied easily to a range of parameters. We stock a full range of console options from the Full T2 console down to a 512 channel dongle that can be used with a laptop and the Vista is rock solid whether controlling 12 ways of dimming or 16+ universes of DMX. As well as all this Jands and their UK distributer really listen to the users and offer excellent support and dynamic software development.

Simply put – our shows are better thanks to the Vista.

To download a Jands Vista Manual, please click here