Avolites Pearl

All of our previous Pearls have been replaced with the 2008 version, offering all the features of the previous 2004 version but with the added advantage of USB data storage – no more slow, unreliable floppy disks – hooray!

The Pearl 2008 is one of the workhorse products for dbn and in the industry as a whole, and although there are now cleverer and more complex desks available at its price or capacity point, the key strengths of the Pearl remain – straightforward control over a large variety and reasonable number of fixtures at once; a brilliant and responsive control surface; and unrivalled buskability!

We also stock Pearl Expert – an advanced version of the standard Pearl, the Expert builds on the strengths of the original Pearl, sharing the familiar Pearl operating system, but with improved performance. Significantly more processing power has been added, with a revised and expanded hardware interface and extended programming and playback capabilities to enable easier and more efficient control of larger numbers of fixtures.

Our most recent arrival is the baby of the family, the Pearl Tiger, offering the features of the larger desks in a smaller, more cost effective package ideal for smaller show.

To download a manual, please click here