Anytronics Smart Dim

Our 12 and 24way, Smart Dimmer Racks provide a combination of dimming and basic mains distribution in a convenient rack. They come with RCD protected Ceeform inlets, volt and ammeters, built in DMX buffers, patchable dimming and mains with socapex outlets, and Ceeform outlets for motor and desk mains.Both racks feature Anytronics Smartdim dimmers – advanced dimming with software driven addressing, dimmer curves etc and the proven reliability of Anytronics technology.The 12 way rack features 12 channels of 12amp/2.8kw dimming coupled with 6 ways of patchable hot power, with a 32amp 3-phase inlet.The 24way rack doubles the dimming specification with a 63amp 3-phase inlet and 12 ways of patchable hot power.

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