Drapes and Starcloth

Star Cloth Lighting

We carry a large stock of flame retardant black wool serge drapes.

As well as standard sizes of 26ftx12ft and 24ftx10ft, we carry quantities of many other sizes, including a variety of legs and borders.

All drapes come with ties along the top and most with ties along one side to allow easy hanging in either orientation.


Fibre Optic Starcloth

Our Fibre Optic Starcloths come with DMX controllable, multifunction Martin QFX150 discharge light sources.

Our standard size cloth is 26ft x 12ft and has ties and catenary clips along the top and one side, allowing easy hanging in either orientation.

We also carry a stock of half cloths & borders with the same point density as our full size cloths.

As with all our equipment, all our drapes & starcloths are meticulously checked, cleaned & refolded before being sent out on a job, ready for use.


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