Disco FX

We have a range of standalone and dmx controllable moving mirror and moonflower effects lighting, as well as UV cannons and tubes, a range of sizes of mirror balls – up to 1.0m diameter, and a large range of Optikinetics Solar projectors and accessories.

High End Trackspot – Basic 250w tungsten, moving mirror intelligent light with separate shutter, dimmer, colour and gobo wheels. The Trackspot has straightforward DMX control but also a set of built in programmes and sequences that work across multiple fixtures producing the best results in standalone operation of any fixture we’ve seen.

Genius Super Quark – MSD250 discharge lamp produces a very bright moonflower effect with shutter and separate wheels of 18 gobos and 14 colours and with DMX or standalone operation.

NJD Datamoon
– Basic 250w tungsten moonflower effect with combined colour/gobo wheel and DMX or standalone operation.

Optikinetics Solar Projection Effects – We carry a range of Optikinetics Solar Projectors including Solar250s, K2s, 575s, and GoboPros as well as an extensive collection of effect wheels, cassettes, mirrors, lenses and prisms.

Soundlab WaterFX – As the name suggests, this 250w tungsten unit produces a multicoloured pulsating watery projection effect that looks a lot better than it sounds!