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Gel filters

We keep a stock of approximately 120 shades of Lee filter. If the filter you need is not in stock it can be ordered for next day delivery. This applies for both Rosco and Lee filter, high temperature and regular.

One sheet of Lee Filter is 48″ x 21″ (1.22m x 0.53m)

One Roll of Lee Filter is 25ft x 4ft (7.62m x 1.22m)

(There are roughly 14 sheets per roll)

Lee Filter Sheet: £4.13
Lee Roll: £57.83
Lee HT Filter Sheet: £4.19 (0.56m x 0.53m)
Lee HT Roll: £61.92 (4m x 1.17m)

All prices are subject to a VAT charge currently 15%

Gaffa Tape

Available in black and white

Gaffa tape roll: £5.00

PVC Tape

Available in black, blue, brown, earth, green, grey, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow

PVC tape roll: £1.45

Cable Ties

Available in a range of colours

Per bag: £6.00