Even more ClayPaky Alpha range lights arrive at dbn

We have just taken delivery of some brand new moving lights – yet more ClayPaky Alpha Range fixtures.  This time they’re QWO800s to complement our stocks of 300, 575, 700, and 1200 fixtures – and we love them already.  As well as having the longest, most unwieldy name of any moving light currently on the market, they offer exceptional brightness from an 800w lamp in a fixture the same size as our Alpha Profile 700s (i.e. very small/compact), and are super quiet!  They have an incredible zoom range that goes all the way from really, really narrow right up to stupidly wide and this, coupled with the Dynacue system, allows for the creation of some really unique effects.  Of course, being from ClayPaky, the QWOs (for short) are packed with all the other high quality features you hope for in a moving light – rich, vibrant colours, fast movement, cosmic effects and a really intuitive control interface.  We can’t wait to get pointing them at stuff – look aout for them appearing at a show near you soon!

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