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dbn take Manchester’s Albert Hall by Storm(y)

IMG_1354We’ve recently swapped out the strobes on our house rig at Manchester’s Albert Hall and installed 6 of our Clay Paky Stormy CC LED Colour Strobes in their place, introducing a whole new range of effects to the fantastic venue and helping to save power in the process.





(A stormy cc at dbn yesterday – unavailable for comment)

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dbn only have B-Eyes for you!

Yet more Clay Paky Aleda K10 B-Eyes arrive at dbn – we love them!

More dbn K10 B-Eyes

B-Eyes breaking free of their bonds!

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Passionate Rigging from dbn


dbn provided the rigging skills and equipment to erect three 9m high crucifixes live, as part of the BBC’s Easter ‘Preston Passion’ show.  Nick Todd and James Collingwood worked with Walk The Plank to bring the Crucifixion to life on the roof of a Preston Car Park.  They designed a system based on Slick Mini-Beam trussing and used our new Broadweigh wind & load monitoring equipment to ensure safety at all times and in all weathers.

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May the Color Force be with You!

We absolutely love Chroma-Q Color Force RGBA LED fixtures and now have even more of them – 28 of the CF72s, 12 of the CF48s and lots of CF12s. All versions offer a huge range of rich, saturated colours and are incredibly bright to give great transmission.  Perfect for uplighting cycs, backdrops and set elements.

Some Color Force - one of each

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Yet More Truss – DBN takes delivery of Slick Ground Support Truss System

Ground Support Truss Pic

A big load of truss including 2 Folding Truss Hinge pieces

We have just taken delivery of a brand new Ground Support Truss System.   Manufactured by Slick we have six, up to 12m high 2tonne G/S Towers along with the option of Folding or Mini-Beam truss for the horizontal elements, including some beautiful Folding Truss Hinge Pieces pictured above.  It arrived in the warehouse last week and immediately went out again to work on the Easter run of the new Warehouse Project in a top secret Manchester location.  We’ve got plenty of bookings lined up for it over summer and into the Autumn too.  Very exciting news for people like us who like truss!

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